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STILL : The Web Series
An alien parasite takes over the world by infecting and taking over the human race. A group of people in Sloughtown attempt to escape to an island sanctuary.

CTRL.ALT.DELis a dark comedy that follows Carson (Gabrielle Christian), a free-spirited girl in her late-twenties who lacks direction in her life. She has no job, no true ‘passion’ or calling, but she has a solid group of friends, an online Vlog she updates regularly, and a steady boyfriend – though he doesn’t quite understand her quarter-life crisis. After landing a job as a casting assistant to entertainment industry titan Aggie Carter (Ash Lendzion), Carson’s journey towards self-discovery goes from zero to full-speed almost instantly.

Throughout the world, there are stories told about great beings — gods, heroes, spirits — who shaped and influenced the lives of men. What’s truly amazing is the similarities you can find in mythologies of all cultures. There are many characters that appear in the myths of otherwise unrelated civilizations, often oceans apart — the Virgin Warrior, the Trickster, the Allfather.
​What if these characters were all based on the same beings? A god, an angel, an alien? A humanoid more powerful and ancient than a human, but still flawed and mortal? And, if they were still on earth, what would their current lives be like?
This is the story we want to tell.

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